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Take It Up ft Flo MillI


Making her debut in 2020, DEELA is a British-Nigerian rapper best known for her brazen assertive demeanour and clever lyrics which sets her entirely apart from her contemporaries


She seamlessly combines her love her trap and hip-hop pulling from a diverse range of influences and exhilarating experiences to deliver sensational songs with a distinctive feel.


DEELA has captivated her listeners with her unique cadence and effortless flow and her versatility keeps her listeners on their toes. Whether she's bragging about herself on ‘TALKIN SHIT’, currently featured on Apple Music's "High Maintenance," or expressing the joys of being single in ‘GET A GRIP’, (featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds).


It is evident that she shows no signs of slowing down any time soon since she was co-signed by Nigerian pop artist Cruel Santino, opened for Grace Ladoja MBE's ‘Homecoming’ show in Manchester, and named a rising star in the UK underground scene by GUAP MAG.


Her fan base has grown as a result of her most recent collaboration with Coco & Clair Clair, putting her on the verge of international acclaim. She has been lauded in reputable publications like NYLON, Earmilk, and BBC1XTRA, proving she is a rising talent and a powerful force in the music industry.

"Whispery Bad B*tch Anthem"
Steffanee Wang at NYLON MAG about FIT

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