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DEELA is a versatile Music Artist who makes music for everyone

DONE DEEL explores DEELA's love/hate relationship with men. It includes her hit single 'GET A GRIP' where she explores her life and needs as a single woman in 2021, with a catchy hook 'take me out then eat me out'. 

She also lightly raps about people that talk shit about her on 'TALKIN SHIT' which gained a spot on Apple's prestigious 'High Maintenance playlist, their 'New Fire', 'New London Hip-Hop' and 'African Hip-Hop' playlists.


She casually flaunts her versatility on her mixtape, rapping over a range of beats, from trap to classical violin-type beats. It's just been over a year since she entered the rap game and she seems to have completely mastered her sound.  

DEELA's flow on this seems effortless and smooth as she spits bar after bar. 


"What I look like to you trusting a n*gga, the look of a fool that I do not wear"  Not new for DEELA to express her distaste for whack men. 

 Ending with a scathing line "You call me DEELA, I call you my bitch". 

DEELA links up with T6lu to deliver a sultry, sexy rap song with a heavy bass beat.  


Steffanee Wang from NYLON Mag describes FIT as a "whispery bad bitch anthem" You can also stream FIT from Apple's High Maintenance playlist here

DEELA teams up with underground Atlanta rapper for a 'trap-charged cut that encompasses the British Nigerian's unique flow and versatility' DUMMY MAG 

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